About Us

Since we launched our collection in Spring 2012, Jade Marie has become one of the fastest growing affordable luxury brands around delivering high end designs, beautiful color palettes, and most importantly trend setting styles at affordable prices. Jade and Marie, two hard working fashionistas and friends wanted to make a splash into the luxury fashion industry by designing high quality fashion handbags, jewelry, and accessories at amazing prices for women to more easily be able to accessorize their everyday wardrobes.

Whether it be one of our fashion forward totes, sexy satchels or functional handsfree crossbody bags, every Jade Marie handbag is designed for the modern woman with lots of pockets, tech-friendly pockets and the highest quality craftsmanship. All of our handbags are made with vegan leather materials that look and feel like real leather without harming any of the animals that we love!

At Jade Marie we are avid animal lovers and having some of the happiest little dogs ourselves, we couldn't imagine a world without our best friends!  This is why every Jade Marie handbag and accessory is made with 100% animal friendly materials.  But not to worry, just because it is made with animal friendly vegan leather doesn't mean you will sacrifice your sense of style.  Every Jade Marie handbag and accessory is designed with the highest quality design and materials to ensure that you are able to flaunt the latest trend setting fashions at the most affordable prices!  Happy Shopping Ladies, your 4 legged friends will love you you even more as you show them your new outfit before hitting the town!


At Jade Marie we believe strongly in empowering women one new powerful look at a time.  Every woman deserves the ability to walk into any meeting, office, classroom, or social setting and make a statement that exudes confidence.  Jade Marie believes that making a strong fashion statement is the first step for women to make a lasting impression as a leader in today's society, which is why we design every fashion accessory to inspire women all over the world to reach their highest ambitions and look good while doing it!

Happy Shopping Fashionistas!